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I provide help with technology and story-centered marketing.


I have worked in technology, ranging from customer support to web development to educational system designs for decades. Let's work together to uniquely implement technology in a way that builds value in your life and business.


We are driven by stories. Connection to one another motivates our decisions and direct so much of what we accomplish. Let me help to clarify your story.


Getting your message honed and directed is critical to generating meaningful impact both personally and professionally. Let's talk about your aims.


  • My Beginnings

    My involvement in tech has its roots in taking apart household items and trying to discover how they worked. While my mother was not always pleased, my appetite for broad learning was established early.

  • Finding a Focus for Passion

    Through my life, focusing my interests has been my greatest challenge. I am inspired by the vast world we live in, but have to choose daily to focus on the small piece for which I am responsible.

  • Developing Tools

    I have studied PHP, Javascript, and other web-related technologies for several years now. I enjoy blending the mechanical and technological with the natural and chaotic. Building systems that interact with the world and our senses is a very exciting goal.

  • Grinding the Stone

    I search daily for the next goal. Do you have a problem that needs to be solved? Are you looking for a contributor on your next development project? Let me know!

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Phillip Lehner

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